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PAVÉ LETTRÉ (Letter pavement)
Encyclopaedia Universalis (100 vol.), rubber sheet, nails
(about) h 5 w 320 d 329cm)
brief description       pdf FR. JAP. EN.

ONE-MAN SHOW – ESPACE ICARE Issy-Les-Moulineaux France 2024 (26/9 ~ 27/10)

SOUFFLE (Breath)
medical encyclopedia, marker
(about) h 270 w 600 d4cm)
brief description pdf FR. JAP. EN.

AU PIED DU MUR (Face to the wall)
encyclopedia universalis, paper seed grids, holding combs
i(about) h 260 w 300 d 4cm)
brief description pdf FR. JAP. EN.

CERNER (Surround)
metal, paper (pages of the 46 sections of a Japanese dictionary rolled up then compressed around 46 metal rods)
i(about) h 260 w 600 d 10cm)
brief description pdf FR.JAP. EN.

RELIQUAIRES Series (Reliquaries)
Lead, dictionaries (different languages)
(about) h 30 w 15 d 2cm
brief description pdf FR. JAP. EN.

FORTERESSE (Fortress) – Galleria Ponte, Kanazawa, Japan
Dictionaries (different languages), PT trays, cable ties
h 185 w 86 d 86cm
brief description pdf FR. JAP. EN.

VOIE LETTRÉE (The way of the letter)
Gravel stabilizer plates, dictionaries (different languages)
(about) h 4 w 80 d 1000~cm
Work in progress
brief description pdf FR. JAP. EN.

SAUVETAGE (ReSCUE) Atelier Arches, Issy Les Moulineaux, France, Japan
Shredded printed matter, fabrics, protective net, carabiners
(about) w 200 d 60cm

rubber (contour of alphabet letters cut out in a rubber sheet)
installation – variable dimensions

Paper (Copies of the first page of each section of a dictionary), plaster board, ink
h 250 w 150 d 3cm

Hay net, dictionaries (different languages)
(about) h 60 w 100 d 20cm
Work in progress

L’ORIGINE DU MONDE NUMÉRIQUE (The origin of the digital world)
Underlay felt
(about) h 160 w 80 d 20cm

WA2 atelier, Kanazawa, Japan
Wood, Japanese pigments, lacquer paint
(about) h 194 w 22 d 5cm